Prudent – My love for you is not …

via Daily Prompt: Prudent


I am prudent

…….in running the tap water and avoiding sweet things,

…… in keeping tabs of all our expenses and savings,

…… in turning the lights off when I leave the room,

…… in expressing myself to everyone and no one,

…… in appreciating the little and big things of life.


However, Prudence leaves the door ajar at the mere thought of you,

It leaves me terribly speechless, eyes wide-open and awe-struck.

Its fragrance evaporates from the universe at the mention of your name.

It makes my emotions run wild, hopeless and helpless pleading for your mercy.

It leaves me begging for more of your affection, presence, honor and integrity.

It leaves me yearning for more of your smile, time, charm, wisdom and kindness.


One thing is for sure, I am so glad amid all these chaos and drama,

I am not prudent in laughing with you and expressing how much I truly care about you.

I am not prudent in the time spent with you lying down in the fields counting the stars!