Later … waiting for you


How long must I wait before you appear?

Must I wait forever before you come to my rescue?

Are you my knight in shining armor as I envisaged?

Do you enjoy making promises and yet always fail?


I’ve been sitting by the window pane waiting for your arrival,

You got me busy doing the silliest thing … counting the raindrops.

Yes, I’ve been counting the eavesdrop from the rooftop to the ground,

Who would have thought I would be in this position waiting for you again?

Here I am all dressed up, panning my eyes up and down, left and right, waiting for you.


I angrily stare down at every innocent soul who walks up the street,

I can’t help but analyze every human frame and shadow that passes by.

Believe me, when I say this, they are nothing like you in any shape or form.


Oh, my dear! There goes the terrible thunder striking heavily on my roof again,

I see the flashes of lightning in the sky as people walk quickly in the streets,

I see a display of umbrellas in rainbow colors and there is a rainbow in the sky now,

As stated by someone very wise whom I met, every cloud has a silver lining.

I guess all these means something magical will emerge from this treacherous wait.


Later. Sadly, you arrived later than expected, and as you can see, the party is over now!