Denial – Killing Me Softly

via Daily Prompt: Denial


How can I agree to what you just said, without reacting?

I can’t even bring myself to accept that it’s finally over.

Reality is a sweet and nice illusion for me at this point.

I will rather bask in the glory of ignorance than face reality.


Please, at this juncture, don’t even bother waking me up.

Please, don’t tell me how to think, act or what to say.

Walk in my shoes for a second and not lose your cool.

Only then, will I listen to you and concur unabashedly.


You mean snow is on the way again and this spring is only just a dream?

I just stashed away my heavy coats, gloves, and boots into the attic last week.

I guess I must accept my fate that Mother Nature always wins hands down.

Denial is my new ZIP code and at this juncture, it is killing me softly with its strokes.