Outlier – If Only They Knew …

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You think you have me all figured out

With all your half-truths and half-lies

With your critical analysis and sound judgment

You say you know all about me and my journey

You say you know the beginning and the end

Only to discover you barely know me

You don’t know it all like you assumed

I’m different from the other members of the group

Everything isn’t always as it seems

If Only You Knew, I’m an outlier


The streets are busy with children playing and having fun

The youths are packed in a corner chatting their life away

The matured folks are hustling on the street corners

The merchants are hoping their breakthrough is nigh

The city is full of lights and happy hour rendezvous

They move like there’s no tomorrow

After all said and done, you only live once

If Only They Knew, Life is an outlier


The ambulance siren is blaring at a deafening pitch

Another soul just saved, born, gone or in need of help?

Did they live their life to the fullest?

I can’t help but ponder at the thought of it

The street is quiet, deserted and seems too long a drive

It got me wondering: where is everyone?

If Only They Knew, Life is an outlier


I look at you and you remind me of someone I once knew

Whose memory lies deep in my heart, body, and soul

Is it the way you talk? Your smile? Your voice? Your gait?

Everything about you brings the memories back alive

I thought it was dead, the memory hidden and gone forever

And now here you are stirring up all my emotions mercilessly

I don’t know if this forgotten soul still feels the same as I do

Why? Oh, why have you come to cause this wreck on me?

Once again, I’m left high and dry to pick up the broken pieces

If Only We Knew, Life is an outlier


I’m on a life changing journey, how short or long, I know not

What I do know, is that there’s something great out there for me

I must be willing to embrace all that it comes with

The high-highs and the low-lows, the good and the bad

But first, it all starts with me, to see the good in everything and everyone

If Only I Knew, Life is an outlier


I’ll stroll joyfully to the beach with arms swinging up and down in the air

I’ll watch the ocean waves display all its glory and extend its boundaries

I’ll let the water touch my feet and play with sand like a little child

I’ll stop to smell the roses, look up into the sky and say hello to my people

I’ll put on my dancing shoes and sway to the melody of the music that keeps on giving

I’ll let my hair down, walk barefoot and not worry about what people will say

I’ll close my eyes, make a wish and not worry about tomorrow

I’ll pack my bag, not worry about my mails and leave town for an adventurous trip

With my scarf, open roof car and sane mind, I’ll  rediscover myself and have fun

If Only I knew, Life is an outlier


After all, what is life if you can’t appreciate the little things and enjoy it

As stated by Macbeth (William Shakespeare):

“Life … is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more”


Oh, my precious darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know what tomorrow has in store for me

No one knows tomorrow because nothing is sure or promised in life

My life better be worth more than a tale, which will never be told by an idiot!

My life must be full of beautiful sound, signifying something great!

My life will be an outstanding player that receives ovation and is heard!

I will roar baby! Oh Yes, I will roar and will be heard upon the world stage!

If Only I knew …   If Only You knew …     If Only We knew …

If Only They Knew …   Life is an Outlier!!!!!!


Who I am and Why I’m here

​I am a Tutor, Journalist, Media Analyst, Global PR, and Marketing Specialist. Passionate about business, cross-cultural communication, diversity, and inclusion. ​I am glad that now I can finally add Blogger to my profile.

The Title of my blog is My World – Your World. I have lived and worked in different continents and have gained a wealth of knowledge on various topics. I want a medium to share my global experience, thoughts and others viewpoints on local and universal issues. Hence, blogging is a good platform for me to express that.

WordPress blog has many features that I can explore in this story telling art. On my blog, you will have the opportunity to learn the differences we all experience​ in our​ daily lives, and how our similarities can help build a sense of community amongst us. It’s interesting to discover how we all live in our bubble, our world and often think we are different from others. We are raised to believe that our ways, culture, norms, issues are unique, superior​ and different from other communities or parts of the world.

However, as the media transforms the world into a global village, and people move from one place to another, barriers and perceptions become​​ unearthed. In a bid for peaceful coexistence​, respect​, ​and tolerance for others’ cultures; exchange​ of views and open communication often reveals the similarities we all share, no matter what part of the continent or subculture​ you belong to! Our hopes, our fears, our joys, our likes, or dislikes,…

My hope is that as we continue to have friendly​ and open dialogue in our hubs, we can offer solutions to improve diversity, inclusion, ​and oneness. My World is not too different​ from Your World. My World is as unique as Your World. My World – Your World. Let us bridge the gap -.​ Think of coffee talk and dinner table conversation when you visit my blog.



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House……! Home! Place of abode! Residence! I love going to people’s house if invited. This can be casually for a chat or officially because they’re having an event. Also, I love to invite close friends, family members and loved ones to my place of abode, for a good get together and have fun. It’s a sign of warmth, love, closeness, trust and openness. Some people for personal or security reasons don’t have guests at their house.

A house is a physical structure while the home is perceived to be the emotional, spiritual and psychological aura the house conveys, which includes safety and warmth. A house has its beauty, architectural design, geographic location, splendor and setting, which it exhibits. This could make us fall in love with a house without being inside yet.

You can be fascinated by its outer look. Some houses look pale from outside but are beautiful inside. You only need to be in it to make the actual discovery. Therefore, the saying: do not judge a book by its cover. The outlook of a house speaks a lot about the owner or its occupant. It says a lot about their taste, their strengths, style, and personality. A house is built on a need, with the desire to satisfy and its grandeur will reveal if it’s for lower-income earner or the upper-class member of the society.

The way to a man’s heart is the belly. Treasure is where your heart lies. Home is where you find peace, love, and welcome. However, the pattern of a house can also be deceptive if aligned to the owner.  So, the question: what do you judge in people’s house?

Architectural design

Some judge a house by the architectural design, the terrace, the stone, the design and all it took to make it habitable and desirable for living. The wealth and opulence displayed bring warmth, satisfaction, homeliness and joy to the occupants. However, does this bring joy? Would you judge a house by this?


There is a saying that a smart car is the toy thing for men as it brings out the “boy” in them. Can smart car(s) and a fleet of cars make a house a homely place?


Some judge a house by the type of books, the numbers, its author, the level of reading and the wealth of knowledge shown by the occupants. Of what good is knowledge, wisdom, brilliance, excellence without happiness and peace? What good is the use of so many qualifications if the occupants live in strife and fury? Display of knowledge to the world without peace at home is useless! Charity begins at home.


With the change in generational demands, the presence of children, the number of children and the moral values embedded in them brings out the beauty or soreness in family life, family values, norms, etiquette, moral standards, social upbringing, and parenthood. If children are well brought up, it brings a smile to the parent’s face. What do you judge in a house…? Do you judge the manners of the children in a house when on a visit?

Earning power

The earning power, income, and height of career can bring lots of comfort, joy, stability and respect however if it’s not in harmony with the hosting environment, can bring discord. It can ruin lives, make families fall apart, breed discontentment and regrets, depicting a sad tale of chasing worldly pleasures. On a positive note, money brings happiness. Money rules the world but the love of money is the root of all evil. Money is everything and nothing! Would you judge a house by this?


Some judge a house by the taste of clothing, high-end fashion or high street fashion and the glamor that surrounds the wardrobe. Does expensive clothing, jewelry, shoes and personal effects reflect the true nature of joy in a home? Would you judge a house by this?

Food and Drinks

Some judge a house by the kind of food served at the table, the banquet of food, assorted meal, and rich wine. Some have nothing to eat. Nothing to drink or a table to place their meal on. Do you judge a house by this?


Some judge a house by the decor, the finesse, the finishing or the polished state of the furniture. The state of the art furniture, the ambiance surrounding it, the rich taste that depicts its owner and its well-laid setting often suggests wealth and opulence. So, does high taste furniture add to the joy in a home? Do you judge a house by this?



Some judge an apartment or a house by the gadgets owned. A home can be judged by the number, the size, the brand, the volume output of a gadget. It’s judged by the trendy appliances used which some say helps to make life easy!


The layout of flowers by the sidewalk, flower pots or garden, its beauty and the smell often says a lot about the home, its owner, its tidiness, their aesthetic design and love for the nice things of life radiance in natural beauty. Would you judge a house by this?

Mode of communication

Do you judge a home by the mode of communication? Some speak with love, others speak with hate laced words. Some speak gently while others talk harshly. Some communicate by writing, phoning each other, texting or chatting via the internet yet all live under the same roof. Some communicate and exchange ideas/opinion with signs, others through songs or a third-party.  Do you judge a home by their mode of communication?

Number of Housekeepers

Some judge a house by the number of housekeepers, nannies, or au pairs. It’s believed this shows the affluence of the house owners and their endless needs. Would you judge a house by this?


Some homes can be judged by the smell it produces. Some houses smell like fresh flowers from the garden with the drops of the morning dew on it while some produce a pungent smell, very offensive one. A good fragrance often enhances the mind and could be therapeutic. Will you judge a house by this?


Some people judge the beauty in a house based on the affection displayed by the partners or spouse. Show of affection and all romantic flavors are part of what makes a home lovely to live and stay in, established on trust. The high-profile of a spouse, their wealth, career, a vast number of friends and fame can’t make a house, a home a haven if there’s no love, true love. Do you judge a home by the type of marriage or relationship that exists between spouses? Does this bring beauty to the house?

Toilet and Bathroom

The outlook of the toilet or bathroom which is an outlet for external waste or cleanliness shows the level of the neatness of its user/occupants. It shows their level of hygiene and personal care. The toilet sink, bathtub, toiletries, style, ensemble, the interior decor depicts the level of attachment the user has for such things. Can this make the house a home? Do you judge a house by this?


All these points and much more are what we often use as a benchmark in judging a house which some call their home! Do you think it’s worth it? Would you not rather take people as they are and not rush to conclusions? All that glitters are not gold. The person who wears the shoe knows where it hurts the most. Not all who smile outwardly are truly smiling inwardly! So, when next you get to a house or pass by a house, be careful of what you say and how you judge others because not all fingers are equal. Give space for some shortcomings or disappointment and see the good in all. However, if you must comment or help, say it in a positive way. Be proactive. Don’t demean others. We all need warmth and according to this proverb: home is where the heart is.