Heal … Blessed Hands

via Daily Prompt: Heal


Heal me, O Lord from all my pain and sufferings,

Heal me in places known and unknown to me,

Cast me not away from your holy presence,

Take away all my fear, anguish, distress and sorrow,

Touch me like never before and make me whole again.


Paint my life in all the beautiful colors mankind has ever seen,

I want to sing again a sonorous hymn in your honor,

I want to run and not be weary or walk and not faint

I want to dance again like a gazelle in the higher mountains,

I want to move my body and jump around like a little child with no worries.


Heal my body, mind, spirit and soul in totality,

Yes, you absolutely can heal me without missing a beat.

Only you can divinely heal me and make me whole again,

I want to live my life again to the fullest without any fear of pain,

I look forward to the day I won’t have to complain about pain anymore.


Please, bless me so my life can be a testimony of your goodness and mercy,

Make me soar like a mighty eagle because you Oh Lord are my strength,

Surely, I can have the blessings of good health here in the land of the living.

I want the whole world to see and know of your healing power and kindness,

Healing is in the blessed hands of the Holy One who made Heaven and Earth!


Author: Chisom Sylvia Olajide

Tutor, Journalist, Blogger, Media Analyst, Global PR, and Marketing Specialist. Passionate about​ business, cross-cultural communication, diversity, ​and inclusion.

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