Outlier – If Only They Knew …

via Daily Prompt: Outlier


You think you have me all figured out

With all your half-truths and half-lies

With your critical analysis and sound judgment

You say you know all about me and my journey

You say you know the beginning and the end

Only to discover you barely know me

You don’t know it all like you assumed

I’m different from the other members of the group

Everything isn’t always as it seems

If Only You Knew, I’m an outlier


The streets are busy with children playing and having fun

The youths are packed in a corner chatting their life away

The matured folks are hustling on the street corners

The merchants are hoping their breakthrough is nigh

The city is full of lights and happy hour rendezvous

They move like there’s no tomorrow

After all said and done, you only live once

If Only They Knew, Life is an outlier


The ambulance siren is blaring at a deafening pitch

Another soul just saved, born, gone or in need of help?

Did they live their life to the fullest?

I can’t help but ponder at the thought of it

The street is quiet, deserted and seems too long a drive

It got me wondering: where is everyone?

If Only They Knew, Life is an outlier


I look at you and you remind me of someone I once knew

Whose memory lies deep in my heart, body, and soul

Is it the way you talk? Your smile? Your voice? Your gait?

Everything about you brings the memories back alive

I thought it was dead, the memory hidden and gone forever

And now here you are stirring up all my emotions mercilessly

I don’t know if this forgotten soul still feels the same as I do

Why? Oh, why have you come to cause this wreck on me?

Once again, I’m left high and dry to pick up the broken pieces

If Only We Knew, Life is an outlier


I’m on a life changing journey, how short or long, I know not

What I do know, is that there’s something great out there for me

I must be willing to embrace all that it comes with

The high-highs and the low-lows, the good and the bad

But first, it all starts with me, to see the good in everything and everyone

If Only I Knew, Life is an outlier


I’ll stroll joyfully to the beach with arms swinging up and down in the air

I’ll watch the ocean waves display all its glory and extend its boundaries

I’ll let the water touch my feet and play with sand like a little child

I’ll stop to smell the roses, look up into the sky and say hello to my people

I’ll put on my dancing shoes and sway to the melody of the music that keeps on giving

I’ll let my hair down, walk barefoot and not worry about what people will say

I’ll close my eyes, make a wish and not worry about tomorrow

I’ll pack my bag, not worry about my mails and leave town for an adventurous trip

With my scarf, open roof car and sane mind, I’ll  rediscover myself and have fun

If Only I knew, Life is an outlier


After all, what is life if you can’t appreciate the little things and enjoy it

As stated by Macbeth (William Shakespeare):

“Life … is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more”


Oh, my precious darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know what tomorrow has in store for me

No one knows tomorrow because nothing is sure or promised in life

My life better be worth more than a tale, which will never be told by an idiot!

My life must be full of beautiful sound, signifying something great!

My life will be an outstanding player that receives ovation and is heard!

I will roar baby! Oh Yes, I will roar and will be heard upon the world stage!

If Only I knew …   If Only You knew …     If Only We knew …

If Only They Knew …   Life is an Outlier!!!!!!


Author: Chisom Sylvia Olajide

Tutor, Journalist, Blogger, Media Analyst, Global PR, and Marketing Specialist. Passionate about​ business, cross-cultural communication, diversity, ​and inclusion.

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