Champion – that’s who I am!

via Daily Prompt: Champion


I am a Champion, indefatigable and undefeated in all realms,

No matter how hard I fall, I will rise again never to be put down.

I’ll shake off the dust, hold my head high and push through,

I will walk again gracefully through the noisy and boisterous crowd,

I shall stand tall again and rub shoulders with my peers,

I’m a shining star that permeates through the dark alley.

As a city built on a hill, I refuse to be hidden or unnoticed,

My light will shine brightly through the confusion and mirage.


This I know for sure, I shall triumph victoriously and rejoice again.

I shall overcome all hurdles and obstacles no matter how little or big,

I shall crush the head of my enemies and dance in the market square again,

I shall dance again among my blessed congregation, as I’ve always wished,

I shall ride on the majestic white horse and parade through the city again,

The world will hear my name called out again in the world’s honor roll.

It will be permanent this time and forever engraved in human history,

I am a Champion, indefatigable and undefeated in all realms!


Author: Chisom Sylvia Olajide

Tutor, Journalist, Blogger, Media Analyst, Global PR, and Marketing Specialist. Passionate about​ business, cross-cultural communication, diversity, ​and inclusion.

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