Who I am and Why I’m here

​I am a Tutor, Journalist, Media Analyst, Global PR, and Marketing Specialist. Passionate about business, cross-cultural communication, diversity, and inclusion. ​I am glad that now I can finally add Blogger to my profile.

The Title of my blog is My World – Your World. I have lived and worked in different continents and have gained a wealth of knowledge on various topics. I want a medium to share my global experience, thoughts and others viewpoints on local and universal issues. Hence, blogging is a good platform for me to express that.

WordPress blog has many features that I can explore in this story telling art. On my blog, you will have the opportunity to learn the differences we all experience​ in our​ daily lives, and how our similarities can help build a sense of community amongst us. It’s interesting to discover how we all live in our bubble, our world and often think we are different from others. We are raised to believe that our ways, culture, norms, issues are unique, superior​ and different from other communities or parts of the world.

However, as the media transforms the world into a global village, and people move from one place to another, barriers and perceptions become​​ unearthed. In a bid for peaceful coexistence​, respect​, ​and tolerance for others’ cultures; exchange​ of views and open communication often reveals the similarities we all share, no matter what part of the continent or subculture​ you belong to! Our hopes, our fears, our joys, our likes, or dislikes,…

My hope is that as we continue to have friendly​ and open dialogue in our hubs, we can offer solutions to improve diversity, inclusion, ​and oneness. My World is not too different​ from Your World. My World is as unique as Your World. My World – Your World. Let us bridge the gap -.​ Think of coffee talk and dinner table conversation when you visit my blog.



#differentcolors #onepeople

#diversity #inclusion



Author: Chisom Sylvia Olajide

Tutor, Journalist, Blogger, Media Analyst, Global PR, and Marketing Specialist. Passionate about​ business, cross-cultural communication, diversity, ​and inclusion.

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